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Kullanıcı: yek698

Üyelik zamanı: 1 hafta (since 8 Nisan 2021)
Tür: Kayıtlı kullanıcı
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Kendiniz hakkında kısa bilgi: COMPANY PROFIEL
Shanxi New Link Environment Technology Co., Ltd has been focusing on environment-friendly products for years, mainly devoting to the production and technical improvement of activated carbon and other filter material for water treatment and air purification.
We have advanced manufacture equipment and test instruments. we strictly control the process from raw material to final products. Cooperating with large research institutes, our business purpose aims to integrate the advantage resources and expand the cooperation with domestic and foreign customers in the field of both traditional and newly-developing environmental protection.
 We fully comprehend international market, special trade practices and different demands of customers in different countries.
 We are familiar with the application of activated carbon, and can cooperate with customers to develop new products.
 We know the existing situation of peer companies, inventory, and their advantages and disadvantages.
 We own perfect quality management system and before-after-sales service system.
 We provide flexible payment term for customers with good credit.
 We have 7*24 hours instant communication.
 We create green and environmental protection benefit for partners.
 China activated carbon deodorizer suppliers

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